German Appetizers & German Bar Near Me

There are a lot of bars here in the greater Saskatoon, SK, Canada area, but many of us tend to visit the same locations over and over. It's great to have a favorite spot, but it's also exciting to try out some new foods and drinks. Shake it up a little bit this weekend by finding a ‘great German bar near me’ to visit with your crew. It's no secret that the Germans know beer, so this is a great way to find some new refreshing beverages that might become your new favorites. Here at Schnitzel Meister, we are thrilled to offer authentic German lagers along with a large selection of German appetizers that are made to order. Many of our visitors remark that they feel like they are in Germany, instead of in Canada during the time of their visit. We offer a full menu and a relaxed environment, so you can start your night out with us or stay at Schnitzel Meister for the entire evening. Either way, you'll love our drinks, our warm service, and our piping hot German appetizers.

We know that you don't want to spend your precious evenings out at a place that's going to be disappointing, so we can guarantee you that Schnitzel Meister is the absolute best ‘German bar near me’. As a local business, we take great pride in bringing the flavors of Germany and Ukraine to our friends and neighbors here in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Our restaurant was founded by a master chef, and we continue to give a professional touch to each dish that comes out of our kitchen. There's no better place to warm up during a chilly evening than by enjoying drinks and apps at Schnitzel Meister! Grab your friends and come by to see us soon!

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